🐷Petting Barn

OPEN at 92 Pearltown Road 10-2 Saturday and Sunday, weather depending. Check our FB page for updates or text 687-5006

Lester's Farm Chalet Petting Barn is a fun, diverse and educational place where children and adults alike can learn about all about animals. You can see, feed, and touch an assortment of friendly barn animals such as:

➣ Sheep

➣ Donkey

➣ Cows

➣ Horses

➣ Pigs

➣ Llamas

➣ Goats

➣ Rabbits

➣ Chickens

➣ Turkeys

Lester's Farm Chalet is also an exceptional choice for school and day camp trips. We offer a variety of different tours and options that can be easily tailored to your curriculum.