🌞Summer Farm Camp


Calling all Little Farmers!  

Do you have a child ages 5-12 who would enjoy trying something new this Summer?

Our camps provide unique, hands-on opportunities for learning, growth, and fun!

Little campers get to explore all the wonder and magic of the farm while participating in activities such as:

Seeding. planting, composting, gardening, baking, farm games, collecting eggs, nature walks, horse rides, water games,animal care.

Each camp week is loaded with creative, enriching activities. "Farm Leaders" lead small, age-based groups of approximately 6-10 campers, tailoring the activities and focus to the interests, and needs of the children in each group.

Lester's Farm Chalet emphasizes hands-on experience and exploration of our working farm.

Little Farmers are encouraged to touch, taste, smell, hear, observe, and ask questions. We focus on teaching respect for animals, plants, the earth, and each other.

Age Range:

5-12 years old

🐷 Group Pig: Ages 5-6

🐑 Group Sheep: Ages 7-8

🐴 Group Horse: Ages 9-10

🐰 Group Bunny: Ages 11-12

Children 4-5: One counselor for every 6 children. 

Children 6-7: One counselor for every 8 children. 

Children 8-10: One counselor for every 10 children. 

Children 11-13: One counselor for every 12 children.

Children are grouped based on age and will participate in age appropriate activities.

All campers must be fully potty-trained, and able to use the restroom on their own.

Typical Day as a Little Farmer:

8:30 - 9:00 Drop off

9:00 Prepare for the day

9:30 Feed and groom the barn animals, and collect eggs from the hen house

10:30 Snack time

11:00 Gardening(planting flowers and vegetables, caring for the Little Farmer’s Garden)

12:00 Lunch time

1:00 “Farm Activity of the Day” (harvesting, planting, crafting, preserving, baking)

2:30 Snack time

3:00 “Farm Animal of the Day” (all about feeding, grooming, housing, caring, and fun facts)

4:00 Craft time

4:30 - 5:00 Pick up

What to Bring & Wear:

Dress appropriately for the weather and remember to wear/bring:

• Running shoes/boots/closed toe shoes

• Change of clothes (Please label ALL items with your child’s name)

• Sun screen

•Reuseable water bottle

• Lunch and snacks (Litterless and ready to eat)


Per child, per week: $220.00 plus tax

Registration and payment is final, nonrefundable, and nontransferable. 

Limited space available!

See our online store below to confirm registration.